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WP Kemper

Turnkey solutions for industrial bakeries

We are the pioneers in the bakeries. Innovations introduced by us have provided new impulses in numerous areas of the manufacturing process, and they have changed the whole production of baked goods. 



Try-out in our Baking Center

A test, a demonstration or training? Our experienced team of master bakers supports you with every question.

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WP BAKERYGROUP - with more than 40 agencies abroad, is a strong partner - world wide


Bakery machines

We are the competence center for dough production, bread rolls and donuts. Mixers, bowl tippers, dough dividers, roll lines or donut lines can be found here




We are a company of the WP BAKERYGROUP. We supply bakeries with the entire process chain of bakery technology for all purposes ranging from finest artisan to mass industrialized production.

we kemper it.

We develop, build, install and look after machines and equipment for bakeries. Ranging from artisan enterprises to full-scale industrial operations. Worldwide.


We do everything to make sure that our customers´ production lines run … and run … and run. Perfectly operating service is just a part of the equation – it actually takes more.


The future always starts right now, and it starts over and over again. That is where we get our drive from and how we understand our mission.


EVOLUTION roll line

Curled rolls

PANE Dough strip line

Rose rolls

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