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Muller Martini

KM 610 Perfect Binder
The Multi-Talented Machine in the Mid-Range Performance Range

With the Kolbus KM 610 perfect binder, we make it easy for you to begin perfect binding – a manageable investment will allow you to benefit from a multi-talented machine for all types of perfect-bound brochures and for book block production. The K 610 processes all common types of glue and block thickness measurements of up to 70 mm with a performance range of 5,000 to 9,000 cycles per hour.

Simple operator guidance

The interface design for the Copilot® system ensures the simplest machine operation. Digital printed products are also processed reliably thanks to barcode matching.


New machine design for more functionality

With the KM 610, access to the machine is especially easy, meaning the perfect binder can be changed over quickly and easily.

Front and back endsheets

An upstream endsheet unit on the KM 610 (A or C versions) adds front and back endsheets to the book blocks. The endsheets are transported and glued separately. Circulating pressure bars on either side apply firm pressure to ensure strong adhesion over the whole length of the endsheets.


KM 412 Perfect Binder
High Performance for Perfect-Bound Products

Are you looking for a solution for the industrial production of magazines, book blocks and perfect-bound brochures with up to 18,000 products per hour? The Kolbus KM 412 is the fully automated end-to-end solution with a performance-adjusted gathering machine and palletizer for processing signature, roll-fed and rotogravure positions.


The powerful KM 412 perfect binder works according to the swiveling clamp principle and processes a wide range of sizes. Full automation makes the machine easy to operate and ensures high production speeds.

Fast changeover when switching sizes

The short setup times mean that production is efficient, even when there are frequent sizes changes.

Sturdy construction

The KM 412 has a very robust design, which means it will last a long time – even if it sees heavy daily use seven days a week.



KM 200 Perfect Binder
The Zero-Setup Time Perfect Binder

The Kolbus Bookjet® KM 200 perfect binder is based on the swiveling clamp principle and it operates with 26 conveyor clamps. The KM 200 produces in the performance range of 5,000 cycles per hour and features fully automated and continuous changeover. The perfect binder can be used for the efficient production of both softcover products (hot melt, PUR) and book blocks for hardcover production (hot melt, PUR, cold emulsion).


Automated size set-up

Once a product has been attached to the conveyor clamp, its block thickness is individually measured and the value of the fine adjustment is transferred to the spine preparation station and the scoring station.


No changeovers

The highly dynamic adjustment axes continuously adjust to the product thickness without the need for changeovers. This makes it possible to respond individually to products with different thicknesses. Loose-leaf stacks, folded layers and auxiliary glued book blocks can be processed.


Every product is perfect

Suitable for digital printing products, covers are separated from sloped vertical piles using the rotating cover feeder. The book block is compared against the correct cover automatically via the barcode. If there is a mismatch between the block and the cover, the cover is securely ejected before scoring and can be reused.


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